Before submitting papers, there are some guidelines that every author shall follow to expedite the publication process.

1. The first page of the paper should include the Title, the Abstract, and the Name(s) of Author(s), and the last page     should end with the contact information of each Author including mailing and email address.

2. The Title of the paper should be clear and concise, and the Abstract should not exceed 300 words, with more
    than one complete sentence.

3. The key words and phrases should be included at the bottom of the first page of the paper, with the lists of
   AMS 2020 Mathematics Subject Classification (

4. Papers should be prepared electronically using AMS-LaTeX.

5. Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format.

6. Any other questions regarding the papers should be sent to the CMS Journal email (

7. The first letter of References should be capitalized, and its content should be standardized as follows:
   ① Numbers should be styled as [1], [2], [3], ···
   ② First names of authors should be written in initials.
   ③ Titles should be italicized for both books and papers, and names of journals and publishers should be in
       Roman font.
   ④ All bibliographical information, especially the names of journals,
       should follow the AMS database, MathSciNet
   ⑤ For papers, the information should be in the order of the name(s) of author(s), the title, the name of
       journal, volume, (year), issue, and page numbers, with the volume number bold-faced.
   ⑥ For books, information should be in the order of the name(s) of publisher(s), city, and year.

8. You can download the style files for papers to expedite your publication process.

Downloads of Style Files (LaTex Style & LaTex Sample)
In order to maintain consistency of the style in this journal, all electronic submissions are run through our production system. Authors are encouraged to process their electronic files using one of the style files of the journal of the Chungcheong Mathematical Society. All necessary files, including examples, can be downloaded from this site: